Teachers and the administration behind them change the lives of children everyday! Let's show our thanks and gratitude to these super educators! Each month there will be volunteer opportunities, supplies and donations needed, breakroom decorations and of course providing a snack or meal. 

  • be a part of the planning process
  • recruit local business involvement
  • volunteer your time decorating the breakroom
  • ​provide a meal to share and more!

Team Lead: Alysha Herrera

Meet the

Collaborative Teams


Help secure additional funding to enhance our school's activities, provide rewards for students, supplies for electives and more through fun, exciting and simple planning that can be adopted by any grade. From a Fun Run, Battle of the Coins, Fall Festival and Restaurant Nights to a simple silent auction or raffle, these events are a great bridge between our school and the community.

  • be a part of the planning process
  • recruit local business involvement
  • volunteer your time during the event(s) and more!

Team Lead:  Christie Smith

Support Team: Gabrielle Hughes (Restaurant/ Spirit nights) 

CPA Coastal Collaborative


This is a character development program centered around our C.O.M.P.A.S.S. core values. Each month you will be provided with a goal, including tasks that center around a character trait. Parents set the tone and lead by example. Parents DO make a difference. Take advantage of your influence and spend time with your children talking about the character traits you value and look for in others. 

​C  – Citizenship
O  – Open-mindedness
M – Manners and  Teamwork
P  – Persistence
A  – Accountability
S  – Service-oriented actions
S  – Scholarship

For more information please visit

our GRIT tab below

Team Lead: Jennifer Webb 

What is the Collaborative?

Teacher Needs Request 

LIBRARY(Coming Soon)


  • Donate new or slightly used books
    • The Library is complete with K-2 books. They are still in need for 3rd - 8th grade books. For any K-2 books please reach out to your teachers to help stock classroom libraries.
  • Volunteer time during Book Fair and other events (when applicable)

Team Lead: Deanna Eakins

Communication Liaison

Collaborative Website, Collaborative Facebook page, Calendar, Event Communications. Helping keep parents " in the know" with collaborative functions. 

Team Lead: Gabrielle Hughes

​Support Team: Stephanie Bradshaw


Middle school meet-ups, socials, end of year activities.  

  • be a part of the planning process
  • recruit local business involvement
  • volunteer your time during the event(s) and more!

Team Lead: Meredith Knowles

Email us for questions and volunteer interests: 


The Health, Wellness, and Character Team is a part of the Coastal Collaborative, a parent-volunteer committee for Coastal Preparatory Academy. This team consists of parent volunteers who are interested in supporting wellness and character initiatives at school. 

Team Lead: Jennifer Webb

Parent Volunteer


Parent Volunteer Coordinator for parents who wish to help on school grounds, during school operating hours with school needs. This is a great group for parents with limited volunteer time who are unable to join a specific team but can help sporadically.  


  • Volunteer time during the lunch hour. Many classrooms may be in need of an extra set of hands outside of your child's teacher.  * Required Background Check on File
  • May include creating a shopping list, volunteering time during supply drop offs and more. 
  • Offer extra set of hands with other Collaborative Team functions. (Run a booth during Fall Festival, Run a sections during Field Day, assemble baskets and/or raffle items, bag popcorn for kids and more!)

Team Lead: Gabrielle Hughes

Collaborate: to work jointly with others or together.

​​​​​The Coastal Collaborative is a group led by parent volunteers dedicated to children's educational success, health, and well-being through STRONG family and community involvement. ALL parents and guardians can be apart of the Collaborative. In fact, the success of any volunteer program relies solely on the involvement of others. We work in partnership with Coastal Preparatory Academy to enhance our ability to serve and advocate for all children and families. 

The Collaborative is separated into different teams, each with its own volunteer lead to assist you. Please see below for more details. 

Volunteering your time allows you to be able to work with teachers, administrators, and other parents gaining insight into your child's daily activities. Even if you haven't been involved in the past, it's NEVER too late to start. There are opportunities available to meet the needs of even the busiest of families whether its as a team lead or the occasional lunch coverage for a classroom. Let us know your level of involvement interest and we can help you get started today!